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If you’ve thought about jumping into an RV and hitting the road, LooLoo sez “go for it!” We look for excuses to travel through our beautiful country, buying, selling, delivering, and relishing that great American adventure of the Open Road. And as those of us in The Business know, there is nothing more fun than hunting antiques, especially now that the world-wide market is open 24/7 via the Internet and cell phones.

So stay connected with LooLoo and we’ll share our travel adventures and maybe even catch up with you at some lonesome country auction in the middle of Montana.

Good Pickin’ Routes

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We will be posting up travel notes on the antiques we find, the roads we travel, the people we meet and the places we stay. Connect with the LooLoo Travel Blog and become inspired to try an RV adventure yourself.

LooLoo Pickin Routes

LooLoo On Site Sales

Deliveries & On Site Sales Events

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Because we like to travel — and make it a pickers holiday — we are always willing to consider deliveries to just about anywhere. This can be a buyer benefit especially on large, heavy items like tubs or sinks. We charge for our services but costs are reasonable and we are providing custom transport and handling.

We have organized and managed many on-site sales event outside of Rhode Island. All we need is a good estate or strong collection — plus a spot to park the rig.

Contact Us any time to discuss your needs.